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B&B Website design by professional web designers who are also award winning B&B Owners!

If you are like most B&B owners, you know that your B&B website and your approach to marketing that website are critical to operating a profitable Bed and Breakfast. You are probably also a subscriber to several B&B marketing sites like Bed and,, BBOnline, and BnBFinder. These are great marketing tools that can help drive traffic to your website, but they have severe limitations on how much information they can convey - especially visually - in the listing itself. It's your own website that needs to do the heavy lifting, turning potential guests browsing the internet into guests with confirmed and guaranteed reservations at your inn.

Our approach to web design for B&B's is based on many years as successful B&B owners as well as over 25 years in business and technology consulting. We have a unique combination of deep expertise in:

  • B&B marketing & operations,
  • web design, development, and hosting technologies, and
  • the visual arts of photography and high definition videography.

This combination of expertise makes us invaluable as your website design, monitoring, and search engine optimization partner as well as your graphic design and marketing materials partner.

We develop highly impactful, visually oriented widescreen content - including photographs, full motion video, captions, and audio tracks that makes it simple for potential guests to visualize and internalize their experience with you and to make the decision to stay with you. We call our approach MediaImpactSM. Using this approach, we will work with you to develop a website that conveys the essense and uniquenesses of your inn as well as you as the hosts. The goal is to create a site that potential guests say "Wow! Let's stay there!"

We believe, and our research and results confirm, that our MediaImpactSM approach dramatically improves the potental guest's experience on your website. They literally begin to visualize how they would feel as a guest at your Inn. This visualization process is what "sells" your Inn as their destination of choice.

Our results prove that our MediaImpactSM site designs are "sticky" sites - that is, web users stay logged on the pages of the sites we design much longer than other less impactful web sites. Why do they stay on the site? It's the unique combination of our MediaImpactSM approach. The longer they stay on your site, the better the opportunity that they will become your guest. Our approach also seemlessly integrates your on-line reservation system into your website - giving your site a much more professional look.

Let us work with you to truly convey what makes your Inn special, presenting the assets of your Inn in the most positive possible light, using our compelling MediaImpactSM approach.

Our services include:

  • A complimentary needs assessment
  • Website design
  • Website redesign and reengineering
  • Search engine optimization
  • High definition video production
  • Video scaling for the web
  • Integration with Webervations and other reservation services
  • Website hosting
  • Design for search engine optimization
  • Innkeeper consulting
  • Printed marketing materials design and printing

Let us help you put heads in beds by making us your website partner. Call Ted at 765-381-3696 to schedule a complimentary website review and needs assessment. In the meantime, please take a moment to browse through this website to see how visually impactful and informative a B&B website can be, then click over to - our web design company - to see additional examples of our work.